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Kids Heaven In Lisle Policy

*Please read this before you arrive

Shipping- We ship within the US only.  Shipping and item must be paid for in advance.  We accept paypal payments (buyers are responsible for any and all paypal fees associated with paypal transaction). We ship priority mail and UPS only.  Please be advised we do not ship our items with batteries installed due to shipping guidelines. Items are shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment in full. Please email us at for a shipping quote.  **Make sure to include item your interested in and your zip code so that we can get you an accurate shipping quote.


Appointments- Shopping is by appointment only - I work my daily schedule around my scheduled appointments, if you have an appointment set up and you are running late or are not able to make it please call/text/email me  ahead of time to let me know instead of just not showing up.  Would you just not show up for a doctor’s appointment or a hair appointment and think that is ok?  Even with an hour notice I can usually accommodate most call ins to stop and shop so just call me ahead of time if you know you will be in the area.  If you schedule an appointment days ahead of time, please don't be offended if I ask you to reconfirm the day before or the day of your appointment, in all my years of doing this it seems to be the only way I can ensure that my clients remembered that they booked an appointment and plan on showing up. 


Payment (local pick ups) - I accept *CASH /  PAYPAL or Chase QuickPay for local pick ups.   There are also plenty of local banks and ATM's within blocks of our location if you need to stop before you shop.**Paypal payments - buyers are responsible for paypal transaction fees.  Money must be transferred and confirmed by me before you leave our location with items. We do not provide internet connections for paypal sales.  You must provide your own connection / smartphone to make a paypal payment. 


Payment (online sales) -We accept Paypal/Chase Quickpay/PopMoney and personal checks. Please be advised paypal/chasequick pay payments that are verified get shipped out asap.  PopMoney and Personal checks are held for 10 days until we can verify it's cleared our bank. 


Prices-All of our prices are firm.  Most items we carry on a regular basis have a set price.  I do my homework on our items and prices. You will find that most of our items are priced much lower than on Amazon or Ebay (final bids) especially the retired items. All of our items and prices are listed in the shopping catalog please check that out before you arrive.


Bulk Discounts – Sorry we no longer offer Bulk Discounts.  Everything is listed on the website with a picture, price and description so there should be no surprises when you arrive.


Refunds – *All sales are final, no return, exchange or price adjustments can be made after the item/s leaves our location. Each of our items are cleaned, sanitized and fully tested before being listed for sale and or shipped out.  We offer you the right as a buyer to try the item out when you arrive before any money is exchanged.  Should you need additional pictures or video clips of the items you are requesting let us know and we can send them to you before purchasing. Sorry but there is no possible way we can know what happens to the item once it leaves our shop.


Recalled items – All of our items are checked against recall lists.  If there is a possibility of it being a recalled item and it’s listed for sale here we have either 1) checked the serial numbers against the recall and confirmed it is not on the recall list therefor it is safe to sell or 2) gotten the recalled part changed out from the manufacturer and have proper paperwork to show you we have taken the safety precautions.


Children are more than welcome but please be advised there is no secure area for the child/ren to play AND our isles are not childsafe.  We have very small isles stacked from top to bottom of toys and sometimes it is very difficult to keep an eye on your child and shop at the same time.  Keep in mind we have a very strict policy on if your child breaks it you buy it. If you feel confident that you can control your kid/s in an all toy environment and they will listen to you feel free to bring them. If not feel free to make a late appointment after they go to bed as we can be available as late as 11:30pm.


Stroller policy-Umbrella strollers work easier with our smaller isles but if you need to bring a large stroller we can make it work.


Food- No food allowed inside Kids Heaven’s doors. Sorry I have cleaned up my last Cheerio and sippy cup spill


Smoking – Please put all cigarette/cigars/E-cigs (or whatever they call them) out before arriving at Kids Heaven.  If you are waiting on a friend or family member to shop and are unable to refrain from smoking please smoke at the street not on our property.


Pets- No pets allowed even if you have a super cute little tiny dog that is hiding in your purse.  I really do love animals and sometimes you might find me at the street petting your pup in the car but I cannot have them in the shop due to other buyers allergies. 


Restrooms - Please use and make sure your children use the restroom before coming to Kids Heaven in Lisle.  No one is allowed inside of my personal home and we do not have a public bathroom in our garage/shop. 

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