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The idea of shopping for your baby is thrilling at first -- until you realize just how much they really need and how much it costs. It doesn’t matter whether the child is your first or your fourth, you will still want the best for that child. By choosing gently used  baby gear, toys and books, you can save resources and trim your budget -- just think of it as adding to the college fund.


Kids Heaven in Lisle is a virtual store focusing on gently used baby and kids items. We are collectively a group of local parents and grandparents that care very much about the safety of the toys with which our children and your children play so we make sure each of our items are tested, sanitized, and checked against any and ALL recalls prior to being listed for sale. 


View individual pictures, prices and details on each of our items in stock by clicking on our shopping catalog.  Most of our items are gently used but some of our items are new,  our new listings have *New in box or * New in package next to the listing title in our catalog. 


If you’re looking for a specific item feel free to ask, we have a reserved watch list that we can add you to. If that item becomes available we will let you know before we list it for the general public to view. 


Enjoy your stay at Kids Heaven in Lisle and if you must go, tell a friend!!! We’d appreciate it!

Post Covid shopping -  We will be doing things a little different around here these days, if you are local and want to come and shop, please look through the website and send us a list of items you would like to view. You can also submit your order online using the shopping cart feature, just add a note of day and time you would like to come by and view the items. Remember everything is listed on the website. Once we set up a day and time to meet, we will have all items available outside with batteries (if required) for you to check out. We will no longer be allowing anyone to browse the shop isles. Sorry, we just don’t have access to the amount of disinfectant wipes we would need if we were allowing everyone back in to check out all of our fun items.

I’ll be listing all of our new items in our new arrivals page on the website

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