$12.00 Tiny LoveElectronic Animal Concert Book - A baby’s brain is an amazing thing… From the moment they're born, babies' brains are growing, creating…learning. Tiny Love toys help you give your little one the best possible start in life. Suitable for babies from birth onwards, Tiny Love toys are packed with features that will let your child thrive, encouraging them to explore and learn. The Animal Concert Book is the most thrilling book your child will ever own! It tells a story of fun and friendly farm animals playing musical instruments. There's an electronic pointer your baby can pick up and place on top of a character to activate sounds and lights - so your baby can see and hear farm animals playing their musical instruments. Give your baby the best from the very beginning, with Tiny Love. Features: Suitable for ages 6 months and older. Electronic book includes a pointer that ativates sounds and lights. Includes a variety of textures and fabrics. Requires 2 AA batteries (trial batteries included). Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 3cm.

Tiny Love Electronic Animal Concert Book

SKU: J17-a9