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$16.00 The Touch Magic Learning Bus by LeapFrog introduces children to the alphabet using music and games. The interactive surface with glossy, smooth graphics encourages exploration and features more than 40 touch points. In Learn Mode, kids touch a letter to hear its name, sound, an object that starts with that letter, and a fun sound effect. In Game Mode, touch the ball icon to hear a question. Then explore letters, objects, and sounds to find the answer. In Music Mode, preschoolers can use the six piano keys and two drum pads to play along with three songs: "The Wheels on the Bus," "The ABC Song," and an original song called "Rockin' School Bus." Each object on the bus has its own sound effect and each band member plays an instrument. Add and layer music and sound effects by touching band members, letters, objects, piano keys, or the wheels. Recommended Ages: 2+ years

The Touch Magic Learning Bus by LeapFrog

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