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$4.00 The Quest for the One Big Thing (A Bug's Life) Hardcover-PreSchool-K-A spin-off from the animated Disney feature A Bug's Life. Constructed as a count-up/count-down book, it's also a tale in praise of teamwork. In it, a mismatched group of insects cooperate to move the One Big Thing (probably a honey-glazed doughnut twist) to augment the winter's food supply. After many attempts to hoist the object, a heralded invention works, though the device is seen only in pieces and never explained. This title may appeal to fans of the film, but such ingenious counting books as Joy Hulme's Sea Squares (Hyperion, 1993), Paul Giganti's Each Orange Had Eight Slices (Greenwillow, 1992), and Eve Merriam's 12 Ways to Get to 11 (S & S, 1993), or Molly Bang's warmly reassuring Ten, Nine, Eight (Greenwillow, 1983) are preferred concept choices.

The Quest for the One Big Thing (A Bug's Life) Har

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