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$8.00 Spongebob Squarepants: Atlantis SquarepantisNINTENDO DS GAME  (will only play in original ds, ds lite and dsi systems NOT 3ds systems)Holy algae! SpongeBob and Patrick tumble upon the lost magical amulet that willtake them to the legendary city of Atlantis. Players will join them and the restof their Bikini Bottom pals as they ride on a magical bus for a soaking newadventure. Hoping to uncover the treasures of Atlantis in order to fulfillSpongeBob's dream of finding the "World's Oldest Bubble" players willcontrol whether the city brings everything he desires or if Plankton's evilplan will burst his bubble. Exciting multiplayer mini-games in the Amoeba ArcadeDrive the Atlantean tank and fire ice cream at enemies Create music to power themagical bus to Atlantis Customize SpongeBob with new accessories outfits andexpressionsProduct Features Play the entire Atlantis Squarepantis TV episode Explore the lost city of Atlantis Play as SpongeBob Patrick Sandy Squidward Mr.Krabs and Plankt

Spongebob Squarepants: Atlantis SquarepantisNINTEN

SKU: 5796
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