$5.00 Scooby Doo Shiny Spooky Knights (Leap Frog Tag) Hardcover-Join Scooby Doo and the gang as they investigate a mansion full of monster mayhem. Explore the castlebut avoid the dungeonand learn new vocabulary in this interactive book. Then take a fun quiz to help solve the spooky mystery. Age 5-8 years. Interactive activities engage readers and make this book re-readable and re-playable. Begin by touching a character to choose a personal nifty knight name! The castle and the story are full of twists and turns! Demonstrate powers of observation and reading comprehension to identify plot elements in the Fact-finding Frenzy game. Learn to identify characters by matching pictures with words. After the story, play the Castle Caper to learn advanced vocabulary about castles. LeapReader books tap into children's natural curiosity and inspire them to explore.

Scooby Doo Shiny Spooky Knights (Leap Frog Tag)

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