$2.00 Sassy Hello Baby! Phone, 0+ Months, 1 toy  - Inspire hearing. Paint free! Safe for mouthing. Develop hearing. At 0+ Months: Baby begins to: grasp objects; stretch; turn toward the source of a sound. Hello Baby! Phone: Soft rattle sound to stimulate hearing; Mirror and bold pattern for visual inspiration; Easy to grasp handle. Baby's Eye View: 0+ months: Babies' color vision isn't fully developed yet; reds and oranges are the easiest to see. High contrast black & white is preferred. Interaction Idea: Place baby's hand on the phone allowing him to grasp the rattle. Shake the rattle on one side of baby's head and watch him turn toward the sound. Developmental Insight: At birth, babies are able to locate sounds by turning their head or eyes in the direction of the sound. At six months, baby will start to understand the distance between themselves and the sound and only attempt to retrieve objects producing sounds in their reach.

Sassy Hello Baby! Phone

SKU: J17-F8