$14.00 Disney Princess Alarm Clock Radio Pink Castle-Your daughter can wish on her own star with this Disney Princess Alarm Clock Radio. This item projects a star pattern on the ceiling, adding a whimsical touch to your child's room. This clock radio with projector also has all of the essential functions of a clock radio, including a snooze button, three choices of sounds to wake up to and a radio tuner. The radio features an analog AM/FM mono radio station and rotary volume control for the alarm function. It includes two speakers. The clock also includes a battery backup option in case of a power outage.
Disney Princess Alarm Clock Radio:
* 0.6" red LED display
* Time/alarm hr and min set
* Voice, radio and buzzer options
* Snooze function
* Disney alarm clock radio has a battery backup
* Analog AM/FM mono radio
* Rotary volume control
* Projected star patterns
* 2 speaker system
* 0.5W power output
* Voice demo button

Disney Princess Alarm Clock Radio Pink Castle AM/FM

SKU: A16-27a