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$20.00 My First LeapPad System - It's got everything a best seller should - a captivating story line, fascinating characters and plenty of twists and turns. Your preschooler won't want to put it down. And since My First LeapPad Learning System gives kids the skills they need for kindergarten, you won't want them to. Letters, words and numbers come to life with the touch of the Magic Pen. Interactive learning games, sing-a-longs and word play give kids a full-throttle jump into the exciting world of reading. Kids just snap on a book, pop in a cartridge and they're ready to read and play. Stories and minds race. Music and effects provide the soundtrack to all the fun. Lightweight and portable, My First LeapPad goes everywhere your preschooler does. And the library of books and cartridges will keep any 3 to 5 year-old actively and thoroughly entertained. When every page is an adventure you're engaging new learners' minds, senses and imaginations. What it Teaches: * Phonics * Letter Names

My First LeapPad System

SKU: 2073
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