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$10.00 Metroid: Zero MissionGAMEBOY GAME / / WORKS ON DS TOO NINTENDO DS GAME  (will only play in original ds, ds lite and dsi systems NOT 3ds systems)All-new maps and challenge offer players a whole new experience, with the same old action and excitement. Use your shooting and jumping abilities to uncover new powers and use them against the disgusting creatures you'll face. Great cutscenes bring the story of Samus to life and prepare for a world of wild shooter action. Upgrade Samus' battle-suit, and use her new powers to unlock hidden levels and secret items. Multiple nods to the classic original Metroid game -- from the level design to the collection of the first power-up

Metroid: Zero MissionGAMEBOY GAME / / WORKS

SKU: 5791
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