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$25.00 Mega Bloks Cars Buildable Mack-The movie characters from the Disney/Pixar hit CARS come to life with these Mini Mega Blok figures that you can build and rebuild. Which means you can use the cars to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie -- or imagine up completely new adventures for Mack and Lightning to embark on. Mack is the big hauler and loyal Lightning friend that doubles as storage unit for the smaller car. When McQueen wants to really let the power out, open Mack’s back door to provide a ramp for Lightning so he can drive down and speed away!

The set consists of 40 pieces that little hands can easily assemble, disassemble, and reassemble over and over again, encouraging the development of fine motor skills and color and shape recognition. The set is also great for encouraging storytelling, building confidence, and enhancing reflexes.

Mega Bloks Cars Buildable Mack

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