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$20.00 Mattel Minnie Mouse Notes Here's Minnie! She was born in 1990 , and wears a pink drum majorette outfit with 4 yellow buttons on the front. Her hands go up like shes about to lead the band or to do cheers! Her dress is cotton and her shorts are stretchy fabric. Her head, hands and boots are rubber. Her body is plush fabric. She has a yellow bow on her head with pink polka dots. She's 15 inches tall.Now for the fun part! She has 5 Squeekers, one in the palm of each hand, one on the toe of each boot, and one in her tummy! You press the blue and orange dots on her hands, and red and purple dots on the toes of her boots, and her tummy, and they play a SCALE of 5 notes!!

Mattel Minnie Mouse Notes

SKU: 3295
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