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$30.00 Little People Surprise Sounds Zoo-Toddlers will discover who's at the Zoo with this brand new playset in the Little People Discovery segment. Peek 'n Surprise Zoo is a fun, interactive playset that features lots of toddler activities, peek-a-boo surprises and fun animal sound effects throughout! Toddlers can play with each of the animals in their "home" habitat. The Monkey & Ape hide in the tree, and the monkey can even swing across the sky on a wire track to his bananas; push on the bananas for fun sound effects. Zebra's home is in the grass; push on the footprint for SFX there. Then spin the thumbwheel to see the Seal and Hippo swimming and to get even more SFX. But watch out for the Lion who's hiding in the cave...flip down the foliage for peek-a-boo and his big roar! And there's even more playset play throughout with the waterfall and binoculars! The set comes with zookeeper Sonya Lee and the extra animals shown below.

Little People Surprise Sounds Zoo

SKU: 3330
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