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$30.00 3364 LEGO Music Composer  with add on cartridge and instrument pieces. These are discontinued and hard to find.   Ages 3+ Mix the 4 tunes with different sounds to create more then 2,000 music combinations Press the button to play along with the melody, or add sound effects by switching the instrument pieces (can be easily changes by little hands) Change the Tempo - use a dial to increase or decrease the Tempo. You pick the mix - choose from Harmony, Rhythm, Bass and Melody.Complex enough to entertain several age groups .Sound plugs are fully compatible with all the music products. Playing with LEGO EXPLORE MUSIC builds strong Individuals who can express themselves and it sharpens children's Creative Thinking The Composer allows children to create and arrange Music.

LEGO Music Composer with add on cartridge

SKU: BL3130
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