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$16.00 LeapFrog Touch Magic Ocean Music School-Join the LeapFrog Touch Magic Ocean Music School! Your little one can choose an instrument to play, layer it over his or her favorite beat and learn about music with help from five ocean friends, including Octopus and Starfish. Kids can make learning discoveries with every tap, slide and touch. The board lights up as your child explores with music and instruments through three learning modes: Compose, Play and Game. In Compose mode, children can mix musical background loops and play along with band members’ instruments. In Play mode, children can tap, slide and touch on instruments to explore musical sounds and create their own music. In Game mode, children can play a game to learn and explore colors, musical instruments and ocean animal names. Kids can choose from five musical instruments to play, including a keyboard, a trombone, drums and more.

LeapFrog Touch Magic Ocean Music School

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