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$25.00 Leapfrog Brightlins Exploration Station-Open up a world of learning for your child with the Brightlings Exploration Station. Designed for children as young as six months of age, this toy provides ample learning opportunities and includes developmental benefits for counting, creativity, language development, motor skill development, and music appreciation.
Children are naturally curious -- that's what helps them learn everything about the new world around them. The Brightlings Exploration Station gives them plenty of opportunity to explore, to test their knowledge, and to learn more about how the world works. The Station is chock-full of learning opportunities, with activities to learn about colors, the alphabet, and numbers. The Station plays more than 20 fun songs for you and your child to sing along with. It also offers a great introduction to foreign-language learning by teaching simple words in five different languages.

Leapfrog Brightlins Exploration Station

SKU: M16-Y
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