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$8.00 Leap Frog Phonics Book , Alphabet Adventures Part of the LeapPad Phonics Program, this book (Lesson 1) teaches letters and sounds. There are over 30 phonics games to teach preschoolers letter recognition, letter sounds, word identification, letter tracing, spelling, and new vocabulary words. This LeapPad book focuses on letter recognition and sounds (the first steps in learning to read) with fun games and sing-along songs. The Alphabets Adventures story has Tad dreaming that the 26 letters come to life and introduce him to the delightful new world of letters and their sounds. Sing along with songs from "Amazing A" all the way to "Zany Z." Learn the alphabet while you play games and sing with Tad, Leap, and all their new alphabet friends. This book is compatible with all LeapPad learning systems, except My First LeapPad.(2 in stock)

Leap Frog Phonics Book Alphabet Adventures

SKU: 2085
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