$15.00 Kidz Delight Bilingual Light N Sound Phonics, Blue  Teaches Phonics Using Visual and Auditory Stimuli to Gently Encourage and Direct a Child's Learning. Intuitively Structured Activities Challenge and Enlighten Children. With Speech-Directed Play, Children can Learn Without Knowing How to Read – A Perfect Match for Young Pre-Schoolers. Hear the Letter and the Sounds it Makes, Letter Identification, Deductive Letter Identification, Choose Correct Letter Based on Speech, Light-Led Spelling and Speech-Led Encouragement, Color Identification and Counting, Musical Rewards. 4 Activities in English and 4 Activities in Spanish, Age Based Key Illustrations, Take Along Handle, Repeat Button to Give More Time, Backlit Keys, Loaded With Speech.

Kidz Delight Bilingual Light N Sound Phonics, Blue

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