$10.00 Fisher Price Wood Peg Puzzle #501 Barn Farm *Vintage1973 - Here is a stunning, Vintage Fisher Price #501 Barn Peek Up 'N Peek Puzzle.  This puzzle consists of 13 pieces, 11 of whom are equipped with a yellow peg. The pegs on each puzzle piece are designed to help little fingers easily remove the pieces from the puzzle. The puzzle was designed for 3- 6 year old children. Manufactured between 1972-84, the puzzle resembles one of Fisher Price's Vintage #915 Barn play sets. The detail is amazing. All of the pieces, when removed, has an underlying litho showing what occurs inside each corresponding area of the barn and which items or animals are commonly associated with that particular room. The puzzle also whimsically depicts the night and day operations on a farm. This is a EXCEPTIONAL puzzle for beginning language learners. The puzzle provides loads of opportunities to highlight assorted vocabulary (e.g. silo, hay loft, milking parlor, stalls, pitchfork, milk bucket etc.), language based concepts (e.g. day/night, up/down, inside/outside, on/off), Wh- questions (e.g. "Where are the birds?" "Where is Daddy?" "What is the boy doing in the hayloft?" "Who says 'moo?'" etc.) categorization (e.g. "Tell me some things you might find in a barn.") and matching or early memory activities. The lithos are captivating and spark a lot of conversational attempts. In my opinion, this puzzle warrants a solid EXC++ rating. The only "flaws" I can detect are: 1. Some moderate chipping of the wood on the back edges of selected puzzle pieces

Fisher Price Wood Peg Puzzle #501 Barn Farm *Vintage1970's

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