$20.00 Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother lets you bring the peaceful serenity of a rainforest to your baby’s crib. The glowing waterfall features a mesmerizing motion to help lull your baby to sleep. The waterfall cascades gently into a pool with playful, bobbling fish and plenty of bubbles for your little one to enjoy. A friendly monkey and frog play peek-a-boo in the leaves to keep your baby company. You can choose up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies or rainforest sounds for your child, with or without the soother’s softly colored lights that gently pulse on and off. The power/volume control lets you adjust the volume to fit your baby’s preference.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Sooth

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