$12.00 Fisher Price Pinwheel Choo-Choo *Vintage 1993 - The Pinwheel Choo-Choo is a fun little train engine with a dazzling pinwheel that spins as the engine rolls. Little engineers can press the button on top of the cab for a "toot-toot" sound! Designed for children ages 6 to 36 months old.
White plastic train with a large shiny pinwheel on top of the smoke stack that spins when child pushes the train. The pinwheel is protected with a clear plastic dome over the top. The train has a red front grill and cowcatcher, a red horn on the top that makes a "toot-toot" noise when pushed, and it has a peek-a-boo lithograph engineer in the window. The train rolls on 4 blue wheels, 2 small wheels in the front, and 2 large wheels on the back.

Fisher Price Pinwheel Choo-Choo *Vintage

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