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$40.00 Fisher-Price Cook ‘N Sizzle Kitchen (this set fits American girl and my generation dolls too)Play, Laugh, Grow, Imagine...When children role play, they bring the world as they now it down to size and organize it in a way that makes sense to them.As they take on different roles through pretend play, such as "gourmet chef", they're cooking with creativity, using and developing skills like problem-solving, categorizing, sorting and matching. And you thought they were just having fun! Details on the cabinet doors. Curtains made of real fabric. A pan that really shines! It all comes together in a kitchen designed to look and feel like the real one in your house! Your little chef will be serving up lots of fun in a kitchen that's all her own, with a frying pan that sizzles, a fold out table, an oven door that opens and closes, and other special touches that make this kitchen feel so real! Get cooking with play pieces:pan, two plates, two cups, spatula, chicken, peas, cupcakes, banana

Fisher-Price Cook ‘N Sizzle Kitchen

SKU: 0698
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