$12.00 Early Learning Centre Animal Interactive Musical toy - lift flaps/animal noises.  Dimensions Approx. 8 x 8 x 2".Features lots of flaps to open with noises with each one. Bottom features touchy feely panels that make noises when pressed.2 flaps for each type - Farm, Savannah, Country, Under the Sea.On the farm I met a cow & her baby (makes mooing noise),a pig & her babies (grunting), a sheep (baa when press her tummy).In the Savannah I saw an orange giraffe, a grey elephant, a striped zebra, a lion (growl when pressing his tummy).
In the country, I saw 1 bird singing (tweets), 2 butterflies flying (music), 3 caterpillars walking (music), a bee (buzzing when button pressed).Under the sea I heard dolphins (splashing), the crabs (clicking), a whale (whale noise when button pressed).
Plus noises of a farm, the savannah, garden & under the sea when the top flaps closed.Has an on/off switch, requires 3 AA batteries.

Early Learning Centre Animal Interactive toy

SKU: N7010