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$6.00 Drawn To Life Next Chapter-NINTENDO DS GAME  (will only play in original ds, ds lite and dsi systems NOT 3ds systems)Trade heroes, weapons, items and hero accessories with friends who have the game too. Create without limits with the versatile advanced drawing tool features allow for more multitude of unique items though out the game. Let your imagination run wild with the ability to draw multi-limbed creatures means you can create your own hero in any form - human, animal or something entirely different. Draw objects directly into the game-play to help you advance through the levels. Each color has special powers and gives your creation unique properties. Explore 4 new worlds and sail on a special ship YOU create. Collect color drops to progress through the game and unlock content including challenges, quests, customization options and much more

Drawn To Life Next Chapter-NINTENDO DS GAME

SKU: 5788
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