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$6.00 The Dora the Explorer Musical Pop-Up Treasury BOARD BOOK invites children to join Dora and Boots on five magical, three-dimensional storybook adventures. Children will delight in the interactive fun as they turn each page to engage 10 cleverly crafted pop-up scenes. They'll want to press the sound button to sing along to "Travel Song" again and again. The book is presented in a book-within-a-book format. Miniature illustrated story spreads on each page of the Dora the Explorer Musical Pop-Up Treasury tell five adventurous tales. Each page spread opens to a pop-up scene that brings the storybook adventure to life. "Travel Song" lyrics are printed at the start of each story so readers can sing along to the familiar tune. Children ages 3 to 5 will jump into the following adventures:Dora's Magic Adventure/Dora's Enchanted Castle Adventure

Dora the Explorer Musical Pop-Up

SKU: C-27
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