$15.00 Deluxe Metal Detector- Manufacturers description -A must for young explorers young explorers- A must for young explorers. They will love hunting for "buried treasure" with this lightweight, high quality deluxe metal detector. Complete with 6" coil, tele4scopic rod and signal strength gauge. This portable detector buzzes when coins, jewelry and other metal objects buried in the earth, sand and rocky soil are detected. The 25" metal shaft telescopes down to 12: for easy storage and carrying. Re quiers a 9V battery (included) All ages  Kids Heaven wants you to know **This should not be purchased to find property lines, lost rings on ski hills, or buried treasure on beaches it is a toy.  It basically finds things on the very near surface for kids its a fun item to teach kids without letting them use mom or dads super expensive one at home to learn.

Deluxe Metal Detector