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$20.00 Chicco Toys Sing 'N Learn Orchestra-Mix & match instruments to create unique melodies blending up to five instruments Lights and happy melodies make it fun to learn the instruments' names and unique sounds Sing along to little ditties about each instrument's personality Listen to the orchestra conductor introduce three play modes, each suited for a stage of development - 2M = INSTRUMENTS: Listen to each instrument introduce itself - 4M = SONGS: Sing along with the Harp, Trumpet, Piano, Violin, and Drum as they describe their personalities - 6M = ORCHESTRA: Now that you know the instruments, build progressively richer melodies by adding or subtracting instruments from 6 different tunes. There are over one hundred combinations to discover! Features 3 musical styles, Pop, Jazz, and Classical, with two melodies each Requires: 2 x AA batteries 1.5V (included)

Chicco Toys Sing 'N Learn Orchestra

SKU: 3652
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