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$14.00 Brain Benders: Book and Puzzle Kit *NEW NEVER OPENED If you like flexing your mental muscles, you'll love Brain Benders Book and Puzzle Kit. This collection of more than 100 classic puzzles has everything you need for hours of tricky, tantalizing, and brain-teasing fun. You'll find Tangram and Magic Egg pieces to form dissection puzzles; playsticks and coins to do moving-piece puzzles; a set of 28 colorful dominoes for matching and math challenges; seemingly impossible wire tangle puzzles, and much more! There's also a 64-page Brain Benders book filled with perplexing puzzles, thought-provoking riddles, and-if you get stumped-all the answers too. So if you're up to the challenge, get ready to bend your brain, sharpen your mental skills, and be completely and delightfully puzzled!

Brain Benders: Book and Puzzle Kit *NEW

SKU: JPC3711
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