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$12.00 Board Game The Dinosaur Game- Become a Dinosaur and struggle to survive! Overcome natural disasters, avoid famine and fend off attacks from your dinosaur opponents. This game has it all! For ages 5 and up with 2 play versions. Over 130 components including a DINO DIE! The unique concept of this Dinosaur Game sets it apart from other board games. It's NOT a trivia game! The Dinosaur Game requires no previous knowledge of dinosaurs. Instead, players learn as they play. Players choose one of 16 different dinosaurs and receive a description card that tells scientifically accurate information about your prehistoric self, such as whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, what habitat you live in and how you rate on various characteristics from intelligence to defenses. Your goal as a dinosaur is to SURVIVE by reaching the finish square first.

Board Game The Dinosaur Game

SKU: 6232
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